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Be Seen By The Targeted Audience The Very Moment They Begin Searching For What You Want

PPC Campaign is considered to be the quickest and easiest way to get more customers, this month and forever. We offer experienced and effective pay per click management services so that you can easily and quickly get more customers and website visitors. To grow your reach, leverage Google Adwords and Bing Ads and get your message in front of people who are searching for the products or services you offer. At Ariga Technologies, PPC isn’t a “pay it and forget it” kind of strategy. Instead, it requires constant updates, tests, and modifications to get the most out of your investment. We offer the most experienced and trusted PPC consulting and campaign management, so your brand can be offered to interested customers the moment they start searching for the products and services you offer.

PPC KEYWORD RESEARCH – PPC marketing works in a way that can help to get your business noticed in a quick and efficient manner. We find and utilize the keywords that generate the most leads and the best Return on Investment (ROI). We will research your industry and your target customers and their wants and needs to determine the most effective words for your campaign to target. The effective ad campaigns save your extra penny and boost up your business website.

PPC OPTIMIZATION – To optimize your cost-per-click and bid positioning, for the highest financial gains, it requires a perpetual cycle of expert testing and implementation in competition with other advertisers. We make sure to continuously optimize your landing pages, the text on your ads, and lastly track the performance to keep improving the quality of website traffic thereby increasing the number of new customers accordingly. PPC is not just advertisement display but keyword specific advertisement display.

PPC AUDIT – We take a closer look at your previous or current campaigns and discover new opportunities to minimize overspending. We at Ariga Technologies, will regularly audit your campaign’s performance in order to make sure that we’re making every penny count. After audits our experts conduct mind boggling sessions with you as well as within their teams thereby making sure to rank your website on the first SERP and that too at the top panel.

PPC AD COPY AND DESIGN – You only have a few seconds to grab attention with AdWord copy, but you also have to think beyond the ad. Our writers and designers will create great ad copy and optimized landing pages to increase conversions. Our team always ensures that the specific message is delivered in the specific target area to the right people at the right time.

PPC RETARGETING AND REMARKETING – Most of your site visitors are not ready to buy the first time they see your offer. Retargeting/Remarketing ads allow you to be in front of these already interested visitors again and again all across the web and bring them back to your product or service that they were interested in before. This helps you increase the ROI of your adspend.

PPC CONSULTING AND REPORTING – Your dedicated PPC manager on timely basis will provide you with detailed analysis and report on how your campaign is performing. This consultation will cover elements such as the costs of individual keywords, conversions, cost per acquisition, ROI tracking, and more. We always carefully decide the mix of channels to use while creating an optimized PPC campaign to meet the ROI expectations of our clients.

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